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Have you ever wondered how we can move our modern society into a cooperative, regenerative relationship with the natural world?

Would you like to build your own skills in understanding natural patterns?

Do you want to learn about useful edible and medicinal local plants?

Introduction to Rewilding


 Heron Brae

is a botanist and herbalist at large in the Pacific Northwest, USA, region and offers unique experiences of discovery into the local environment. 


Radio Interview with Heron on Reconnecting with Nature  


Her classes focus on identification and uses of wild plants, sensory awareness, and building long-term relationships with place.  

She also offers botanical consulting to individuals and businesses, including private botanical inventories and walks.


"We need to preserve and embrace the priceless resource of [our] individual wildness in order to become fully human. And as a species, we need the wildness of the land, air, and waters in order that we might remain fully human." --Bill Plotkin

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