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Heron is a northwest-born botanist, herbalist, and wildcrafter, fervently loyal to her bioregion and passionate about teaching and learning. She sees it as her mission to teach people skills to change our worldviews from one of alienation to one of connection with nature through deep knowledge of place. 

Her formal botanical education started in 1997 (though it started much earlier with a mother who taught her early on how to chew weeds into poultices for her childhood splinters and scrapes). Institutions deserving of credit for her education include diverse venues such as the Columbines School of Botanical Studies, Blue Iris Herbal Apprenticeship with Colette Gardiner, Wilderness Awareness Community School and Kamana Naturalist Training Program, Lane Community College, The Rocky Mountain Biological Lab, and The Evergreen State College, where she was awarded a BS in botany and ecology. She has enjoyed collecting plants for floristic research in the Puget prairies and the sagebrush steppe of eastern Washington.

Currently she teaches at the Columbines School of Botanical Studies in Eugene, OR, where she is a core instructor in the First Year Apprenticeship Program, and also teaches advanced studies in Wild Food Tending. She has taught workshops at The Evergreen State College, Breitenbush Herbal Conference, Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, and Dandelion Seed Herbal Conference, as well as numerous community events around the Pacific Northwest. 

For fun, Heron loves to philosophize about cultural change, wander in the mountains studying plant distribution, wildcraft savory greens for dinner, and wage fierce projects of connection with her beloved people and land.


My mission is to reconnect the people of industrialized civilization to our true nature as humans interconnected with the living earth. Through botanical education and consulting services, I seek to open a gateway into understanding our relationship to nature and participating holistically in the web of life.

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